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  1. Raja Sekhar Y says:

    Dear Conference Secretariat
    I would like to introduce our group from India working on Renewable Energy conversion aspects especially Solar Energy. I wish to know whether the following papers authored by our research team will be accepted for submission to the forthcoming ICERA-2018 to be held at Vietnam .
    1. “Numerical and Experimental simulation of heat transfer characteristics of solar air heating with twisted tape inserts” – Computational heat transfer -Mechanical Engineering Track -Energy Systems – Electrical and Electronics Engineering Track
    2. “Performance study of Solar Photovoltaic modules with power optimiser and analysis with PVSyst”
    3. “Numerical Simulation of heat exchanger type storage tank for solar water heating applications” – – Computational heat transfer -Mechanical Engineering Track
    We would like to send the above papers to the ICERA-2018 conference if it fit conference theme.
    I Await your response.

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